Rent & Upgrade it

What is Rent & Upgrade it?

Rent & Upgrade it is the same rental product inRent customers have been getting the benefits of for many years. It enables you rent all the electrical home appliances, furniture, computers and technology products you want today with the ability to upgrade to new product after a minimum rental term.

Why Upgrade?

Many inRent customers enjoy the flexibility to be able to upgrade to the latest technology when its available without worrying about what to do with an old piece of equipment they no longer need. Also as fashion styles change some customers like to update their furniture to stay on trend or to get a fresh look.

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Features and Benefits of Rent & Upgrade it

KEEP Upgrade to the latest as you go
  • Get the latest technology sooner.
  • Update your furniture when your tastes change.
UPGRADE NO deposit, application fees or monthly account keeping fees
  • All of our rental benefits are included in one easy payment.
  • Why pay application fees?
NO DEPOSIT Low weekly payments
  • Affordable payments - especially when your budget is tight.
  • Direct Debit payments set up for your convenience.
LOW WEEKLY PAYMENTS Flexible rental terms to suit you
  • 12, 24, 36, 42, 48 & 60 month terms available on most products.
  • See individual products for terms available.
TERMS Huge range of inRent Dealers across Australia
  • We have literally hundreds of inRent Dealers you can rent from.
  • You can rent just about any product our dealers stock.

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TAX BENEFITS Possible Tax deductible payments«
  • If you are renting solely for business purposes your rental payments may be up to 100% tax deductible.
DEBT WAIVER Service Cover included at no cost on all plans^
  • Enjoy peace of mind that rented goods will be serviced free of charge, if necessary, for the life of the contract.
DEMAND A BETTER WAY Debt Waiver included at no cost on all plans^
  • If rented goods are stolen or destroyed by fire, your debt will be waived.
Offers & Promotions Offers & Promotions
  • We often have offers and promotions running. Subscribe to our News & Promotions Emailing List.
  • Platinum Club VIP status - After a qualifying period of 3 months, good standing rental customers earn access to exclusive special offers.
Easy to Apply on all plans Easy to Apply
  • Simply apply online. It only takes about 10 minutes.
  • Once approved bring your approval into your nearest inRent Dealer and speak to in store staff

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≠After minimum term before upgrade. Conditions apply.

«See a tax accountant for professional advice.

^Subject to full terms and conditions per rental agreement.