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Furniture rental lets you stay comfortable in your surroundings without running out of cash for the other things that make life enjoyable.

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Furniture rental is great for those who want to upgrade their current furniture without breaking the bank. You can select from a range of great couches, love seats, dining tables, work tables, decorations, floor rugs and more.

Turn your house into the dream home you really want to live in by renting furniture from inRent. You can even choose to keep it at the end of rental term with no further payments under the Rent & Keep it rental plan. 

Many furniture items are so expensive that you don't have money for anything else after buying them. Furniture rentals let you create complete room sets to cover all of your needs, so you don't have to be picky or go without. Many people end up stuck in apartments and homes with high bills that keep them from decorating as much as they'd like. Rent furniture from inRent and this problem could be solved!

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† Rental rates are based on a 48 month rental term.

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