Rent a Fridge or Freezer

Is your growing family making your current refrigerator or freezer seem inadequate? Rent a fridge from inRent and make life a litle easier now.

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Fridges for all budgets and needs

Renting a fridge with inRent makes sense because they're one of the most expensive appliances that we need in life, and sometimes the rainy day fund just isn't enough to cover the cost to buy one outright.

It can be frustrating because fridges can go caput without warning, leaving you with a fridge and freezer full of food that can quickly go to waste. With inRent's rent and keep it plans and our even quicker approval process, you could still have time to save to save your food if you get onto it, but maybe not your icecream... you may need to get a bowl now.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only, so visit an inRent dealer online or in store to see full product ranges.

 Rental rates are based on a 48 month rental term. Rental rates are indicative of the fridges and freezers in the market when published and are subject to change.

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