Rent a Fridge or Freezer

Is your growing family making your current refrigerator or freezer seem inadequate? Rent a fridge from inRent and make life a litle easier now.

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Fridges for all budgets and needs

Renting a fridge can make sense because fridges are some of the most expensive appliances that families can buy, and sometimes the rainy day fund just isn't enough. It's important to keep some money saved up for emergencies, but your old inefficient fridge might be costing you more in power than it's worth.

If you decide to rent a Fridge, you can ensure that your home or apartment is well-stocked without going overboard or worrying about expensive repairs and services. At one of our inRent dealers, you’re sure to find a Fridge that has more room for entertaining, leftovers and school lunches.

The rent and keep it rental plan allows you to keep your Fridge at the end of your rental term with no further payments.

No need to worry if the unfortunate were to occur because debt waiver is included on all rental plans. If your rented fridge is stolen or destroyed in a fire, your debt will be waived, so you won't need to keep paying for a product thats gone. So get started today! Rent fridge brands such as Haier, LG, Samsung, Westinghouse and more!

Photos are for illustrative purposes only, so visit an inRent dealer online or in store to see full product ranges.

 Rental rates are based on a 48 month rental term.

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