About inRent

For over 18 years, inRent has been providing consumers a flexible and affordable rental finance option for everyday household electrical goods and furniture.

With a strong connection to consumer rental finance in Australia dating back over 50 years, Walker Stores Pty Ltd (WSPL) has successfully established itself in today’s market as one of the most versatile consumer rental plans, enabling customers to enjoy the latest goods with affordable monthly instalments.

The inRent Head Office is based in South Australia and boasts a number of customer driven departments including its Ring and Rent in-house applications centre and Customer Assistance Centre who handle all general customer enquiries.

On top of this, each state has dedicated field representatives providing retailers with the training and support to maintain inRent’s position as the most versatile rental product on the market.

Today, there are more than 700 retail agents operating around Australia offering inRent including major retail groups such as Retravision, Betta Home Living, Fantastic Furniture, and many other independent electrical, computer and furniture retailers.

Inrent always prides itself on providing our customers and key business partners with the highest level of service.

Join over 60,000 Australians using our rental finance solutions and apply for rental today!

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