Why Rent?

Renting makes sense with inRent!

inRent is a rental finance plan that let's you have the latest electrical appliance or furniture item now without the big cash outlay and with no deposit. If you've been dreaming of that new LED, Smart, 3D, big screen TV, computer or furniture item, then you can get it today with inRent. Not only is inRent great for personal use, but inRent also makes sense for business. 

Everything from Notebooks and Desktop Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smart, 3D LED / LCD TV's, Blu-Ray Players and recorders, Hi-Fi's, Home Theatre Systems, Cameras, Washing Machines, Fridges and Freezers, Dishwashers, Air-Conditioners, Lounge Suites, Bedroom Suites, Dining Tables and more, can all be yours today with inRent!

No Big Cash Outlay. No Deposit. No Application Fee

Renting allows you to have what you want today without the large upfront cash outlay. All we need is your 1st month’s rental instalment so you can get the goods you want today, while eliminating any big one-off payments. You don't have to take a big dent in the pocket to get the product you want today. Renting Makes Sense!

Ability to Upgrade*

With the ability to upgrade your goods you can always stay up to date with the latest products or change as your needs change. For example, if you rent a computer over a 42 month period (our recommended term) and a new, updated model is released in 18 months’ time you can upgrade to the new computer*. Or, if you’re renting a lounge suite which suits your needs now but unexpectedly you have more people living in your household and you need a bigger lounge, upgrade to a larger size* and don’t stress.


Fast and Easy Applications

You can apply for rental online, over the phone or in one of our many agency stores, making it as convenient as possible for you to apply. Each application will only take 25 minutes to complete if you know/have all the necessary information we need. If approved, you can often take the products you want that very same day if you’re in store or within a couple of days if applying over the phone or via the website. Plus, we’re there to help you with any questions you may have to get your application through, simply call 1800 807 621.

Service package - optional at an additional cost

If it breaks, we can fix it! Enjoy peace of mind with our service pack option as your rental product will be serviced, if necessary, for the life of the contract. That means no expensive repair bills. Eliminate those frustrating breakdowns just outside of manufacturer warranty and be sure that you and your products are covered for the duration of the contract.

Apply to buy at any time

With inRent, if you want to own your rental products, you can apply to buy the goods at any time and we will discuss a reasonable price for the goods based on fair market value. You are not obliged to buy the goods and inRent is not obliged to accpet any offers.

Package your rental products

We like to make life and your financial decisions as easy as possible for you. With inRent you can rent multiple products all on the one account with one easy monthly payment. Keeping everything together will make life easier for you.

Possible tax benefits^

If you are renting for business purposes your rental payments may be 100% tax deductible so you can save even more.

Become a VIP and Enjoy all the Benefits

Once you’ve been a rental customer for longer than 3 months and have kept your payments up to date, you can enjoy all the benefits of being one of our VIP Platinum members at no added extra cost at all. All members receive a VIP Platinum card that allows for easy payments and identification, regular bonus offers and gifts.


^The actual tax deduction available to you (if any) will depend on your personal circumstances and, as such, you are responsible for ensuring by independent verification its accuracy or completeness. You should seek professional tax advice, from a qualified person.  

*After the minimum term before upgrade. To approved applicants only. Conditions apply.